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The Digital Network - Main Hosting Features
We offer a truly comprehensive range of features to help get your web site noticed and make the customers experience a truly great experience.

Full e-commerce web hosting with FREE online store software, allowing you to take credit cards through a wide range of payment gateway's including ®PayPal from just £8.99 per month!

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Web Hosting Packages

Web Hosting features also include:- Easy to use Web Builder software, Web Mail, Email, Domain Name Checker, Photo Galleries, Web Site Builder and built -in e-commerce, MySql, php, Auction site, Blog pages, Web Site Templates, Photo Galleries , Graphical Web Traffic Analysis and much, much more.

We also offer Dedicated Servers, for information and to sign up please see the dedicated Server pages for more information


In addition to these superb features you also have access to over 100 other special features that we offer (including many that are unique to us and being added to all the time)  

MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL (Structured Query Language) database server. SQL is the most popular database language in the world. MySQL is a client/server implementation that consists of a server daemon (mysqld) and many different client programs and libraries.   
Miva Empressa scripts language supported as standard.
Perl, PHP4 & PHP 5, Ruby, Python, Zend, Ghostscript, ImageMagick
Full support including the most commonly used modules for Perl, PHP and Python.   
Sun ONE ASP (Chili!Soft ASP)
Sun ONE ASP (Chili!Soft ASP) allows you to use the Microsoft ASP programming launguage on Linux.  
Perl and PHP Module List
View a list of the Perl and PHP modules installed on your web hosting server.   
Perl and PHP Paths and Versions
View a list of the paths to common programs and see their relevant version number.   
HTML Validator
Validate the quality of your HTML using this handy HTML checker.  
Perl Validator
Validate the quality of your Perl using this handy script checker.  
File Manager
Our file manager has a great range of features to help you manage your files and folders online. 
Scheduled Tasks
This feature enables a program to run automatically on the server and can set your program to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.  
Website Password Protection
This feature allows you to password protect a directory on your website. By keeping the password a secret you can let only people who have the password into this area.  
Edit Website Password Protection
This feature allows you to add, remove and update users for an already-password-protected area of your site. 
Change your Password
This feature allows you to change your password for FTP, FrontPage and SSH.  
Backup Your Website
This feature allows you to download your website as a zip file. You can use this feature to make a regular backup of your website in case you lose any data.  
Restore Your Website
This feature allows you to restore a backup zip file that you have made using ControlBoX Control Panel. 
Sub Domains
Sub Domains
Sub domains allow you to have new web addresses for separate areas of your Website. For example you could have and point this at your directory. You can use sub domains in conjunction with additional FTP accounts, creating in effect simple hosting accounts with a sub domain and an additional FTP account. 
SSH Server Access
Secure Server Space
SSH server access allows you to login directly to the server hosting your Website. You can manipulate your Website files using Linux commands. This feature is for advanced users. 
Additional FTP Accounts
Additional FTP Accounts
Additional FTP accounts are most commonly used to give others access to an account for the purpose of sharing a web development project, without giving them control over the entire Website. By restricting their access to their home directory, you can ensure they can only modify files within this particular space.  
Site Submission
Submit your site to 10 search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN!  
IP Address Blocking
This feature allows you to block certain IP addresses from visiting your website.  
Website Directory Auto-Indexing
This feature allows you to either show the content of your web directories as file listings or show them as a 403 forbidden error.  
Web Space Checker
Check how much web space you have used on your whole account or specify a directory within your account to check.  
Ping, Trace & Nslookup
This feature allows you to ping, trace or nslookup an IP address or hostname.  
This feature allows you to view the full WHOIS output of a domain name.  
This feature will try to tidy up the layout of an HTML page.  
Javascript Generator
Javascripts are great little tools to drop into your website to make it more  
Classified Adverts
This feature allows you to run classified adverts on your site, which allows your visitors to advertise goods or services they have for sale.



Please note that not all of the above features are included in all packages.

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